Our working method

Our goal is to tell the full story of your wedding day. It will be a natural, fresh and spontaneous story. Each marriage is different, therefore, our way of telling it will be original and adapted to you, the protagonists. In the future, you will be able to remember, through a visual journey, those moments with the same liveliness as at that moment.

We are always open to requests and special needs. Our working method is to photograph the history of the day of the link, from the beginning of the preparations for the ceremony until the celebration ends. That day we have no time limit to photograph. We write with images the most beautiful page of your book.

Once that day ends, we edit the material and offer a wide selection of photographs in a private web gallery where you can select, download or visit as many times as necessary. In addition, with the password provided, you can send the selection to friends and family so that they can also participate in this process.

Once you selected approximately 100 main photographs, the next step will be the creation and design of a professional book that will be sent to you free of charge, along with a link where you can order more copies if you wish.

Why do we take wedding photos?

From the beginning of time, the union between two people means the creation of a new family. The commitment to walk through life supporting each other and develop love together. For us, as documentary photographers, it is an honour and a challenge to be able to tell the story of the day when a common journey begins. Being witnesses, through photography, of your love and union is a privilege that will remain forever.

Weddings worldwide

Our photographer, Seluvega.es, has more than 18 years of experience traveling the world, knowing and integrating into all kinds of cultures and countries on our planet. His human vision and his work on love, family and popular festivals have molded a personal style that can be understood by any human being on earth. Therefore, our team will always be able to confidently face any challenge anywhere in the world.

If you also want video

Although we have a lot of experience in documentary video, our work focuses on photography, so we do not have a specific video offer. 

If you want, we can propose you a personalized budget, always guaranteeing the highest quality and continuity in the documentary style of the celebration.

Depending on availability, we usually work with El Zarrio, considered among the best wedding videographers in Spain.

About our rates

Each story is different, so our budget will be different, too. We are committed to giving the best possible service, always depending on your needs and ideas. It is not for us to do as many weddings as possible each year but to make the best report possible on each of our marriages.

To make the reservation effective, a deposit of 50% of the agreed amount will be made.

Ask for a budget without any commitment

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